1. If I Had You

From the recording Rising Tide

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If I Had You

If I had you
I’d be like a kid in a candy store
Filling my mouth up with your sweet honey
like I never had the taste before

My love, you’d be my one and only love
I’d pen a thousand drunken lullabies it’s only you I’d be singing of

If I had you
I’d show you off for the world to see
Sun is shining how about breakfast baby
we’ll talk of how our dreams could meet

Oh California raisins Arabica coffee
that aroma always takes me away
But your heart came from another world
Maybe you’ll take me there someday

(repeat chorus)

Move a little closer turn the lights down low
Let me wrap my arms around you
For I would never let you go my love

(repeat chorus) x 2

©Copyright Robert Delaney 2012