Driveaway Blues

All she left was a goodbye note

and this old guitar that I’m strumming.

Hit me harder than a freight train

Lord I never saw that coming.


Aint nothing here for me no more

so I bade that town adieu.

And I hit the road by nightfall

to drive away these blues.



To drive away these blues.

To drive away these blues.


So I got lost on the wrong side

of a bottle of bourbon black.

50 bars south of nowhere

with no way of turning back.


All I needed was a remedy

or a place to rest my bones.

So sick of being lovesick

since she left me on my own.


(Chorus) x2

To drive away these blues.

To drive away these blues.


Stopped off at a soul-food-joint

to make my troubles disappear.

They said ‘son you are mistaken

it’s only soul food we sell here’.

‘Oh won’t you fill me up with something

to revive my self esteem

Hmm that coffee’s so damn good

you know it tastes like nicotine’.


For every mark on a milestone

there’s a lesson to be learned.

But it seems like lost love after lost love

so that true love I will have earned.


But whatever’s in my heart is only in my head

and I can leave those thoughts behind.

I kept my foot upon that pedal

till I was sure to drive her out of my mind.



Drive away these blues.

Drive away these blues.

I’m gonna drive away these blues.

© Copyright Robert Delaney 2012