Between The Canals

Between the canals I rambled

Searching for the city’s heart

So I walked these streets till the end of the night

I couldn’t find a place to start


Couldn’t find it in the din of revelry

That keeps the neon burning bright

Could I find it in the busker’s bodhrán?

That beats the rhythm of a lonely night



Oh my city she’ll never fail me

Though I fear she’s been led astray

But her heart is still here

Beating for the break of day


Between the canals I wandered

Searching for a love unseen

From Raglan Road up to Monto

Are these all just forgotten dreams?


Past the shadow boys on the tow path wall

With a taste for Autumn Gold

Luke Kelly their saint of anecdote

As they sing of Dublin old


(repeat chorus)


Every empty needle in the gutter

Has a story that’s begging to be told

Just like every child has a dream of being somebody

And having somebody to hold


Between the canals there’s a face of a city

Pretty with her battle scars

Between the canals I rambled

Searching of her fleeting heart


(repeat chorus)

© Copyright Robert Delaney 2012