Sep 2012 Hotpress Review of ‘Rising Tide’

“RISING STAR’S FIRST ALBUM IMPRESSES – ‘Rising Tide’ is the debut album from Dublin-based singer/songwriter (and occasional moonlighting lyricist for other acts) Robert Delaney.  With flashes of rhythm and blues, jazz and pop rock, the album is as chilled as Al Green in a refrigerator and the laid back shuffle of ‘When Beauty Hit The Street’ and the swoon-some ‘Lilies For My Sweetheart’ all impress.  The highlight, though, is the (slightly) cinematic sounding title track, a brooding, widescreen number that swells the heart.  It’ll likely be Delaney’s calling card for a long time to come…” – Edwin McFee, Hotpress

  • Danilo Prado