First US Date Booked – Oct 9th 2011

Rockwood Hall NYC – October 9th

EP Now Available in Tower Records

Look out for the in-store live play on August 6th @3pm in TOWER Records, Wicklow St, (off Grafton St.) Dublin 2

Some nice words…

“Delaney’s lyrics are some of the best I’ve heard from an Irish songwriter in recent times. ‘Between The Canals’ and ‘Promised Myself’ show his ability for composing lyrics and melody without wandering off into cliches. If we lived in a better world this music would be more celebrated and praised then it is”. - Mark Walsh, The Indie Sight

New Band, New Songs..

Lots of things happening these last two months.  I’m honoured to have a band of extremely talented musicians working with me now.

Two months deep into rehearsals and ready to gig from the 5th May (first gig in Twisted Pepper, Middle Abbey St. Dublin 1).  Also, in the studio putting the finishing touches to a number of new tracks.

Eager and excited to get gigging them and out to the masses would be an understatement.

Roll on May 5th..

‘Never Knew’ – Alphamono Remix

Check out Alphamono’s remix of ‘Never Knew’ here:

Alternative content

Alphamono hails from a small mining village on Neptune, born in the year 1980 he had a conventional upbringing playing with the local mutants and selling chips and fanta at the football. Fed up with the trappings of a one horse town, he decided to up sticks and embark on an intergalactic journey throughout the universe spreading peace and candy wherever he found himself.

Nice words: “There are plenty of up and coming electro acts, the best of the lot are Dublins Alphamono”- Shilpa Ganatra HotPress/Star