‘Never Knew’ – Alphamono Remix

Check out Alphamono’s remix of ‘Never Knew’ here:

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Alphamono hails from a small mining village on Neptune, born in the year 1980 he had a conventional upbringing playing with the local mutants and selling chips and fanta at the football. Fed up with the trappings of a one horse town, he decided to up sticks and embark on an intergalactic journey throughout the universe spreading peace and candy wherever he found himself.

Nice words: “There are plenty of up and coming electro acts, the best of the lot are Dublins Alphamono”- Shilpa Ganatra HotPress/Star

  • Dan

    Good song! Congrats!

    • robertdelaney

      Thanks Dan

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    thanks for posting this. looking for this all day :D